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AQU freshmen enjoy the Chinese cultural experience


On September 5th and 6th, 2020, more than 30 freshmen from AQU - language and thinking course activities- visited CIAQU with their lecturer Khalil Jamous.

"What are the teachers doing?" As soon as they arrived at the entrance of the Institute, the students saw Chinese teachers in traditional Chinese clothing, some playing Chinese chess, some reciting poems written on bamboo, while some writing Chinese characters with brushes. It turns out that there were so many interesting activities in ancient China.  In addition to immersing themselves in ancient Chinese culture, the students have learned to speak simple Chinese and use chopsticks.

After learning to sing the "Happy Birthday" song in Chinese, student Mojahed excitedly waved a card with his name in Chinese. "I'm going to sing a song of our tribe for the teachers." Mojahed  is descended from Bedouin roots.  Bedouin songs have been circulating to this day, even many Arabs do not understand them.  "It doesn't matter what the lyrics mean, I express my happiness today through my songs,” he said.