The Confucius Institute at Al-Quds University (CIAQU) aims to strengthen academic and educational cooperation among Chinese universities by means of Chinese language teaching and cultural exchanges, so as to meet Palestinians’ growing need for Chinese language learning, to enhance the Palestinian people's understanding of Chinese languages and culture, to inherit and consolidate the traditional friendship among the two peoples, and to promote mutually beneficial collaborations between the two countries.

Al-Quds University (AQU) first started Chinese language education in September 2012. Since 2016, the Confucius Institute Headquarters of China has been sending Chinese teachers to AQU. In 2018, AQU and Confucius Institute Headquarters signed the agreement on the establishment of the Confucius Institute, and CIAQU was officially licensed. Jiangxi Normal University is the Chinese executive institution of the Institute. CIAQU was officially inaugurated on December 16th, 2019.

The Institute conducts the following activities: Teaching Chinese language and providing Chinese language teaching resources; Training Chinese language instructors; Holding the HSK examination (Chinese Proficiency Test) and tests for The AQU and JXNU have worked together to draft the Development Plan (2019-2023)for CIAQU. According to the plan, CIAQU will be established as a major Chinese teaching center, Chinese language teacher training center, and Chinese language test center, and an important educational and cultural exchange platform.

For the moment, five Chinese teachers are working in the Institute, providing Chinese language education for four universities and two government institutions.  In 2023, 4805 people participated in a Chinese course provided by the Institute in 18 sections. The Institute owns 400 categories and nearly 10,000 volumes of Chinese language and culture books or other media files.


As China's economy and exchanges with the world have seen rapid growth, there has also been a sharp increase in the world's demands for Chinese learning. Benefiting from the UK, France, Germany and Spain's experience in promoting their national languages, China began its own exploration through establishing non-profit public institutions which aim to promote Chinese language and culture in foreign countries in 2004: these were given the name the Confucius Institute.


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