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Teachers of CIAQU participated in on-the-job training activities online 2022

From October 14 to October 23, all the teachers from CIAQU participated in the on-the-job training for Chinese teachers in Asian countries online 2022, held by the Center for Language Education and Cooperation and undertaken by East China Normal University. A total of 12 lectures and exchange activities were arranged for this training, lecturers include the experts and scholars as well as on-job Chinese deans. The training took the form of live courses (lectures + group discussion), more than 200 public teachers from more than 10 countries in Central Asia, West Asia and South Asia participated.

The CIAQU attaches great importance to this training activity. The Chinese dean made requirements to all the teachers that he required everyone to abide the training regulations strictly and listen carefully to every lecture.


As China's economy and exchanges with the world have seen rapid growth, there has also been a sharp increase in the world's demands for Chinese learning. Benefiting from the UK, France, Germany and Spain's experience in promoting their national languages, China began its own exploration through establishing non-profit public institutions which aim to promote Chinese language and culture in foreign countries in 2004: these were given the name the Confucius Institute.


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